Carbon fiber is a kind of high performance material, it has high elastic modulus, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, friction resistance, fatigue resistance, light weight, high strength, has been applied in the field of industrial manufacturing, sports equipment, aerospace, medical equipment, it can be made into cups, glasses frame, rings and other small what use is very wide. The blades are widely used in the field of mechanical manufacturing. This article describes the advantages of carbon fiber blades.

1. The stiffness is high and the weight is light. Compared with glass fiber, carbon fiber density smaller than 30%, strength 40%, and compared to steel, carbon fiber strength than it several times, its density is only about 1/4, leaves the use of carbon fiber material can give full play to the characteristics of light weight and high strength, not only reduce the weight, reduce the resistance. Can the normal operation under the strong pressure.

2. Fatigue resistance. As a blade, it is sometimes 24 hours a day at work, which makes the material very vulnerable to damage. Carbon fiber has excellent fatigue resistance, long time work without deformation and more suitable for harsh environment.

3, reduce the cost of manufacturing and transportation. It is said that the weight of carbon fiber is very light, which can greatly reduce the cost of transportation, and the assembly can save a lot of unnecessary trouble.

4, avoid lightning strike. Carbon fiber is not an insulating material, can be conductive, through a special structure design, can avoid lightning attacks.

5, environmental protection. Carbon fiber materials have no pollution to the environment, no harm to the human body, environmental protection and healthy.

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