The bonding process of carbon fiber, including bonding, welding, mechanical connection, bonding and welding, has been told to you. This paper is about the welding method of carbon fiber.

Heating plate welding: in this welding method, the parts are in contact with the heating plate, and the heating plate is removed after the softening of the surface layer, and then the parts are pressed together. Because the surface cooling of this method is very fast, it is suitable for the welding of small parts for carbon fiber composites.

Dielectric and microwave welding: this method is suitable for heating or melting carbon fiber composites. According to the frequency of electromagnetic field and the characteristic frequency of molecules, molecules can be excited by many kinds of methods. In addition to carbon fiber reinforced materials, this method can also be used on other thermoplastic materials.

Infrared and laser welding: infrared and laser heating is due to electromagnetic radiation is absorbed by the surface of the heating surface, the surface or far infrared laser transfer in irradiation, direct preparation of thermoplastic materials melting, and then quickly align parts and pressed together until the materials are cooled and solidified. This process can not be completed manually, and it needs to rely on the automation process.

Hot inserts or screws: this method combines welding and mechanical fastening to achieve better results.

Friction and inertia welding: it realizes the heating of parts by friction. The typical method is to fix a part first, and the other part is pressed on the surface of the fixed part and rotates, which is suitable for mass production of cylindrical parts.

Vibration welding: it is another form of friction welding, suitable for small and medium sized parts.

Some of the above are commonly used welding methods, do not look at this material, its production and processing technology is very complex. As an excellent material, carbon fiber can be used in many aspects. With the development of economy, the application of carbon fiber is more extensive, and it can also make chairs, bathtubs, wine rack, ashtray and other articles.

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