Carbon fiber tube is one of the commonly used carbon fiber products, it has two main forming methods, pultrusion and winding. The pultrusion process is to solidify the carbon fiber thread impregnated with resin under the action of traction force, and then twist the carbon fiber yarn into the core mold after prepreg. The article will talk about the use of carbon fiber tube processing parts.

Carbon fiber pipe processing parts are widely used, including golf clubs, fishing rods, camera tripod, stents, sailing mast, flag raising pole, ski pole, mountaineering staff and so on. Select a few commonly used specific remarks. Fishing is a very popular sport, which is suitable for young and old. The fishing rod was made of wood, and the elasticity and strength were limited, and it was easy to soak in the water for a long time. Carbon fiber fishing rod is of high strength, large elastic modulus, light weight, corrosion resistance, waterproof, and no deformation. The scaffold, as its name, plays the role of support, which is used in many parts of the life. For this kind of product, the most basic requirement is good stability. Carbon fiber is aseismatic and sturdy and fully meets the requirements.

Look at the content above I believe you know the use of CFRP. The wing skeleton of many aircraft now uses carbon fiber tubes, too.

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