The canoe is the earliest ship. In ancient times, people found that light weight objects can float on the surface of the water, so that they can be processed into simple boats for people to run in the water. This is the earliest canoe. Now the ships have changed a lot. How big and how luxurious the yachts and ships are, how luxurious they are to be luxurious, but the canoes as the oldest vessels are still preserved. This article introduces a carbon fiber canoe.

The traditional canoe is made of wood, and the carbon fiber canoe must be heard for the first time. Carbon fibers have long been used in cars, ships and planes, and they are naturally used in canoe. The canoe made of carbon fiber has many advantages, first of all, its weight is very light. As a chemical fiber, carbon fiber is half as light as aluminum, and naturally it is stable to float on the surface of the water, and the ship can also bear heavier objects. The chemical properties of carbon fibers are also stable, and moisture-proof and anti-corrosion, even in the sea with rich chemical elements, will not be easily damaged. In addition, the strength, stability, heat and cold resistance ability are good, even if it will not immediately capsize, strong wind and big waves, people’s safety and security.

In addition to the entire hull, the paddle can also be made with carbon fiber, which is a full carbon fiber – dimensional canoe.

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