Civil Aviation Resource Network April 12, 2018 news: in April 12, 2018, China Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings Limited (“China flying lease” or “the group”) announced that the international aircraft Recycling Co., Ltd. (“international aircraft recirculation”) Universal Asset Management (UAM), the successful implementation of commercial aircraft carbon fiber There is no doubt that the recycling of materials is the world’s first. This significant milestone further consolidates the global leader position of UAM in the field of aircraft remanufacturing. Recycled carbon fiber materials can be used as industrial raw materials, and can also be used in the supply chain of advanced material making. It is suitable for the automobile industry and the manufacturing industry that needs high cost performance carbon fiber materials.

Of all aircraft structural components, carbon fiber is the most difficult to recycle. In the past 15 years, the industry has never found a feasible plan to reinvest carbon fiber in the industry, so as to achieve the complete recycling of aircraft. UAM faces the challenge and completes it successfully. This will not only open a new direction for the future development of aviation industry and other industries, but also lay a foundation for the whole cycle of aircraft. UAM recycled CFRP from decommissioned aircraft, reflecting its outstanding own engineering technology. It also made a first demonstration for its innovative technology team to develop future products. Today, nearly 50% modern aircraft use composite materials, compared with less than 1% carbon based materials in 70s, proving that the industry’s use of CFRP is increasing. Composite materials are increasingly popular on decommissioning machines with relatively small machine age, which will create rare market opportunities for UAM.

UAM innovation and technology team combined with materials and advanced manufacturing technology, through the innovation of the self owned technology, the recovery of CFRP, processed into components by purification, to become the raw material for 3D printing.

“As a world initiative, this achievement is more important than the aviation industry. UAM is the only company that recycles carbon fiber material from retired aircraft and rebuilds the production line. As a technological innovation enterprise, we are honored to be recognized as a leader in the field of circular remanufacturing and sustainable development. Ms. Keri Wright, chief executive officer of UAM, who led the design team, pointed out that achieving the recovery of aircraft is the industry’s first initiative. The application of this technology will not be limited. UAM will work together with the parent company to recycle the international aircraft, and is committed to become the global leader of the aircraft remanufacturing solution.

Pan Haowen, chief executive of the central flight lease, said, “we are very proud of UAM as the world’s first enterprise to fully realize the recycling of commercial aircraft carbon fiber materials and regenerate renewable resources. This is not only exciting news for China Air leasing and international aircraft recycling, but also inspiring for the whole aviation industry and other industries. Our team has the highest level of technology and is committed to promoting the development of the aircraft recycling and remanufacturing industry. UAM is undoubtedly the leader in this area, and I believe its excellent technology will further consolidate the positioning of the central flight lease as a global airline industry chain solution provider. ”

Aviation components can be revived from old aircraft composites. UAM has fully proved that it will not only be technology, but also technology. Over the next 20 years, more than 12000 aircraft will be decommissioned, and the use of the technology will create huge market opportunities. It is feasible to adopt sustainable and digitalized manufacturing technology in aviation industry. The engine bracket is empirical. After the summit of MRO Americas, UAM will continue to work together with aviation industry and other industry colleagues to discuss the opportunities and benefits of circular economy.