Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) is made of carbon fiber reinforced polymer and resin matrix. It has the advantages of high specific strength, large specific stiffness, stable thermal performance, aseismatic and no deformation. After the product is formed, two processing is often needed in order to meet the assembly needs. This article will tell you about the two processing methods of carbon fiber composites.

Traditional machining processes include vehicle, milling, grinding, drilling and so on. Metal cutting technology and equipment are used. The equipment is simple, less investment and mature technology. But the properties of carbon fiber reinforced plastics and metals are different. They are light, high strength, high hardness and brittleness. They are prone to excessive tool wear, low accuracy and scrap. Therefore, metal processing can not be completely copied in operation. Instead, it is necessary to change the process according to the actual situation and use higher intensity tools to reduce material loss. A lot of domestic and foreign study on cutting process of carbon fiber composite materials, and achieved a series of successes, such as Inoue and Kawaguchi found the grinding surface quality and carbon fiber direction in the grinding process, Zhang Houjiang proposed to improve the method of carbon fiber composite materials processing hole quality.

Special machining includes laser processing, water jet cutting, EDM, ultrasonic machining and electrochemical machining. Water jet cutting is suitable for processing thin carbon fiber laminates, while laser processing has the advantages of deep cutting, low heat transmission and small damage. However, special processing is still in the research stage, and it is less used. If it can be popularized, it is of great significance to improve the accuracy and complexity of processing.

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