A lot of carbon fiber products are made of carbon fiber and epoxy resin. When producing, every step is clearly regulated. But after carefully curing the surface of the product, small bubbles will be found. What’s the matter? How do you stop the bubble? This article will give you a lecture on this issue.

First look at the cause of the bubble. Resin needs to be infiltrated with carbon fiber at the time of production, but the concentration of resin needs to be dispensed. If too thick, some bubbles will not go out, resulting in voids. Otherwise, if the resin is too thin, too much fluidity will generate bubbles. Throughout the whole process of carbon fiber production, every process of mixing resin, laying carbon fiber cloth and lamination can be mixed with bubbles. It is more difficult to fill every gap with resin. In addition, the material will heat and shrink, and when the resin is solidified, the cooling contraction may also produce bubbles.

To solve this problem, every step in production should be careful, the most perfect, especially the roller step. When the glue is brushed, it is brushed in one direction. After matching the glue, a little quiet for a moment can be discharged by mixing the bubbles. Some manufacturers have a special step to remove bubbles in order to eliminate the gap. Of course, the quality requirements of different products are different, and some products allow individual small bubbles to exist.

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