Carbon fiber composites have been widely used in the field of aviation military, automobile high speed iron, mechanical manufacturing and sporting goods because of its excellent performance. It has the advantages of light weight, high strength, high temperature resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient and obvious advantages, but the accuracy of components after carbon fiber composite molding is often not up to the requirement, and needs post-processing. This article tells you about three post processing techniques for carbon fiber composites.

Cutting: carbon fiber composites are hard to cut materials with high hardness and low interlayer shear strength, which are easy to be layered, burned and tool wear fast. In order to smooth the cutting, the service life of the tool must be solved first. Researchers have done experiments on carbon steel, high-speed steel, cemented carbide and polycrystalline diamond cutters. Finally, it is found that polycrystalline diamond has the best effect and is conducive to the improvement of the quality of carbon fiber composites.

Cutting: carbon fiber composite cutting process is prone to produce two defects of incision damage and delamination. The former is manifested in edge tear, burr and wire drawing. The latter is manifested in the separation of carbon fiber layer and resin layer. In general, diamond grinding wheel is used as cutting tool. It can prevent the vibration deflection of carbon fiber composite cutting.

Hole making: when carbon fiber composite material is drilled, there are many problems such as delamination, aperture shrinkage, debris remaining and tool wear rapidly. On the one hand, it comes from technology and tool from one side. In the process, the control of speed has the greatest impact on the quality of the hole, which requires a number of test operations to select the most suitable parameters. The tool should be of high strength and toughness, such as the German Cubring has sold a parabolic groove twist drill, which can effectively reduce the axial force.

It can be seen from the above that the cutting tools and technological parameters are the main factors affecting the post processing quality of carbon fiber composites.

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