The demand for carbon fiber materials is increasing in the market. Compared with the commonly used metals or plastics, the advantages of carbon fiber materials are obvious, light and high strength, the strength ratio is four times higher than that of steel, no rust, corrosion resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient and long service life. Carbon fiber tube is one of the most common carbon fiber materials. Different molding processes have a certain impact on the performance, appearance and price of carbon fiber pipe. This article will talk about three main forming processes of carbon fiber pipe.

Winding process: the carbon fiber raw material prepreg resin is arranged on the three-dimensional instrument, with the rotation of the machine, the fiber is interwoven. We can produce a flat or twill of carbon fiber tube with a very beautiful appearance. The mechanical properties of carbon fiber tube are also excellent, such as impact resistance and shear strength. The carbon fiber tubes made by this process are most popular in the carbon fiber market.

Pultrusion process: the technology is the most simple. The carbon fiber material can be pulled out through liquid resin mixture. It does not require complex instruments and equipment, and has low cost and low price, but no matter the performance and shape can not compare with the winding pipe.

Molding technology: first, make the mold according to the shape and size of the tube, then make carbon fiber into the preform and put it into the closed mold, then infuse the resin and wait for curing. This process is easy to automate production, and the precision of the product is high, but it will cost a lot of cost, which is suitable for mass production.

In practical use, carbon fiber tubes are mainly used as structural parts, such as the drive shaft, the three foot frame, the mast of the sailboat, the aircraft wing components, and the golf clubs. Of course, the use of carbon fiber materials is much more than that. It can also be processed into wallets, wallet, chair, manipulator, high-speed rail parts, auto parts and medical devices. It has been applied in civil industry and military industry.

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