The deep exploration of RV design has never stopped. The two parts of car and house are equally important. A foreign company called Gehocab has adopted the popular classic pickup Amarok, designed a self propelled C RV, and named it KORA.

The designers put the carbon fiber body, which was used in the automotive field, to the pickup car, which greatly reduced the weight of the body.

Designers from many of the details of the war experience, carefully polished, and repeatedly sought the most humane solution, thus promoting the production of KORA.


The vehicle size is 5980 x 2140 x 2930 (mm), the car’s cabin by the double carbon fiber and aramid fabric and aramid honeycomb core material, so it is with the traditional pickup module is very different, and the water system is fresh water plus carbon fiber material blessings vehicle only 775 kg. Can be said to be very lightweight.

Detailed design, KORA from the forehead to the end of the car used all glass design, showing a suspension type of transition effect, very scientific and technological sense.

In the design of the room, the goal of KORA is to build a complete living space, but it does not lack the comfort of the four walls.

In order to maximize the use of space, interior decoration only uses bright and lightweight materials. There are 12 windows on the car, plus 2 large skylights, which are 14 windows.

With many small smart solutions, space utilization is optimized.

The bathroom, the kitchen, the bedroom, and the living area are all designed to run through the whole vehicle with a humanized design.

The designer of the car said that the seats and large beds of the KORA RV are in line with the ergonomics design of the human body, ensuring that fatigue is reduced in long distance travel, giving people a relaxed and comfortable travel life.