This month, China Zhongche Limited by Share Ltd announced the development of a subway car body is the world’s first car full of carbon fiber composite materials with completely independent intellectual property right, the car body is manufactured by Jiangsu constant God Limited by Share Ltd, carbon fiber composite materials in rail transport and what are the advantages?

In Jiangsu Heng Shen Limited by Share Ltd composite material department, the reporter saw a 30 meter long, 8 meter wide, 7 meter full carbon fiber subway car body laboratory. Liu Wei, the deputy general manager of the composite material business department, introduced that the laboratory is mainly used to control indoor temperature and humidity, because carbon fiber composite material has high environmental requirements: “humidity must be controlled between 30% and 65%, and the temperature should be controlled to 18 to 24 degrees”. Fiber and resin absorb some moisture. Especially in Jiangnan area, it will absorb some water vapor when exposed to large humidity for a long time. It will form pores in our composites in the future, which will have an impact on our quality.



Liu Wei introduced that the process of making car body is a bit like the sole of a shoe. The engineers first made a car body shape mold, and stacked the carbon fiber prepreg in the mold layer, then solidified at high temperature, and finally released the carbon fiber composite vehicle body. This car body is 1.6 tons larger than the same size aluminum alloy car body, and has the functions of thermal insulation and so on: “all carbon fiber has better thermal insulation function, and the cost of heat preservation is very high for its whole vehicle operation process. In addition, it has a higher ability to resist damping, that is, noise reduction. All of our body material structures have been tested for the corresponding noise reduction performance, reaching below 38dB.

At present, the full carbon fiber composite subway car body has been successfully tested by static mechanics. However, from the success of the research and development to the official production, the car body also needs to pass the road test of six hundred thousand kilometers. Liu Wei: “if there are some changes in the internal structure, even if there are some adjustments in the wiring, leakage and so on, I believe that manufacturing will be easier and the cost will be lower.” at that time, it would be more economic to produce products again.