Carbon fiber is a fiber has many excellent properties, its low density, high strength, compressive strength, thermal expansion coefficient, stable size, but also has a series of other advantages, almost no material can match, it is because of these advantages, so it is widely used in various the field, but the carbon fiber with several classification methods, how much do you know? This article will enumerate three kinds of classification methods of carbon fiber.

It can be divided into three kinds according to the carbonization of raw materials: the mother body is polyacrylonitrile, the mother body is oil or coal tar pitch, and the matrix is viscose or phenolic fiber. The most widely used polyacrylonitrile carbon fiber, accounted for about 90%, carbon fiber preparation is the first pan and comonomer, then specific chemical solution to dissolve, the formation of the spinning solution and spinning, made of carbon fiber, then will it into the pre oxidation furnace, after a a series of chemical reactions, the formation of pre oxidation fiber, then enters the carbonization furnace, then through a series of chemical reactions, resulting in the increase of carbon content, formation of polyacrylonitrile carbon fiber.

It can be divided into two kinds according to the processed materials: 1. The long single fiber, the short fiber or the short cut fiber. All the products of carbon fiber, the most basic raw materials are carbon fiber filament. The short cut carbon fiber is made by short cutting of carbon fiber filament through a fiber cutting machine, and its basic performance depends mainly on the properties of its raw material, carbon fiber filament.

According to the properties of carbon fiber, it can be divided into four kinds: 1. General type: low tensile strength and moderate elastic modulus, which is suitable for projects with low performance requirements, but the price of such carbon fiber is cheap. High strength type: the tensile strength is above 2500MPa. High modulus type: the modulus of this kind of carbon fiber is very high, the highest can be greater than 4× 10? MPa. (4) high tensile type: the stretching rate is 1.7%, and the range of use is expanded.

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