The resistivity is also called resistivity, commonly used four point probe method for the determination of carbon fiber, the resistivity and related raw materials, but also with the heat treatment temperature, the graphitization degree and structure parameters are closely related, in general, the resistivity of mesophase pitch based carbon fiber than PAN based carbon fiber, the resistivity of PAN based carbon fiber small than rayon based carbon fiber. However, no matter what type of carbon fiber, the resistivity will decrease with the increase of heat treatment temperature.

The relationship between resistivity and crystallinity. The Raman spectrum and the crystallinity of the carbon fiber filled with wine increased with the increase of HTT. The strength of the crystal zone increased, and the strength of the other zone decreased. The degree of graphitization increased and the electrical resistivity decreased.

The effect of heat treatment temperature on the resistivity. With the increase of heat treatment temperature, the density of PAN based carbon fiber presents a wavy increase, while the resistivity drops in a straight line. 1000 degrees before showing a linear density increase is due to the removal of non carbon elements and axial elongation and radial shrinkage caused by the traction effect.

Generally speaking, with the increase of heat treatment temperature, the degree of graphitization is also increasing. Not only the graphite level is increased, but also the axial arrangement is orderly, leading to the decrease of electrical resistivity. In addition to the resistance and the length, the resistivity is related to its size and density.

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