Talking about the word carbon, the first thing a lot of people think about is coal. As a matter of fact, carbon material is a big family, and carbon fiber, graphite, and even valuable diamonds are part of the family. With the development of science and technology, carbon fiber has gradually entered into our life. Aerospace, industrial manufacturing, sporting goods and other industries need to use it. How does it go step by step to the present stage? Take you to know the previous life of carbon fiber materials.

The initial use of carbon fiber is related to Edison. At the very beginning, Edison didn’t use tungsten filament as filament material, but used carbon fiber. After the invention of tungsten filament, carbon fiber temporarily withdrew from the stage of history. By the time of the 19’s 50, the US Air Force was looking for excellent materials to make the space shuttle. After a variety of research, it is found that carbon fiber has the best performance. In 1959, viscose based carbon fiber in the world as the birth of the. In the same year, Kondo Akio, a Japanese scholar, invented carbon fiber based on polyacrylonitrile. By the time of 1965, another Japanese, Ootani Sugiro invented the asphalt based carbon fiber. The study of carbon fiber in China also began in 60s. In 70s, the first carbon fiber production line was set up, and carbon fiber was used in the aircraft in 80s.

Entering the twenty-first Century, the carbon fiber industry is booming. Several well-known foreign carbon fiber companies have developed better products, such as Toray, Toho, Cytec and Hexcel. In China, the original technology of nitric acid precursor was abandoned and a new method was adopted. Carbon fiber infiltrates into all walks of life and becomes a synonym for fashion, and there is a phenomenon of carbon fiber heat.

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