Because of the structural characteristics of carbon fiber, its bond strength to resin interface is not large, so the interlaminar shear strength of composites made of carbon fibers without treatment is low. In this case, the surface of carbon fiber needs to be treated. The main methods are oxidation, deposition, electropolymerization, electrodeposition, and plasma treatment. The following are discussed in detail.

The oxidation process is divided into liquid phase oxidation and gas phase oxidation. Liquid phase oxidation can be divided into two ways: direct oxidation and anodization. The former technology is more complex, resulting in serious pollution, which has been rarely used. The latter is a commonly used oxidation method in industry. The process of gas phase oxidation is simple and easy to operate, but it is not easy to control. The deposition method, in high temperature, makes the metal halides form a deposition film on the surface of the fiber in the form of carbides, thus achieving the purpose of modification. The electropolymerization method takes carbon fiber as an anode and adds styrene and acrylonitrile to a series of monomers in the electrolyte to produce free radicals, and then forms carbon chains with macromolecular branched chains on the surface. Electrodeposition is somewhat similar to that of electropolymerization, allowing the polymer to cover the surface of the fiber. In plasma treatment, there are three kinds of plasma, hot plasma, low temperature plasma and mixed plasma. Among them. Low temperature plasma is the most commonly used.

The surface of carbon fiber is smooth, and its active surface occupies a low proportion of the total area. The treatment of carbon fiber surface is that the surface is coated with a layer of treatment agent, so that it can form a bonding interface with the matrix to improve the performance of the composite material. The principle is not complex.

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