What is the manufacturing method of phenolic resin carbon fiber composites? Today to share with you, usually using PAN based pre oxidized carbon fiber non-woven continuous carbon fiber than the relatively cheap price of the loom by acupuncture three-dimensional woven non-woven (felt), and phenolic resin precursor, respectively for heat treatment of carbon fiber composite material precursor at 600 degrees and 1000 degrees. Then respectively in different heat treatment conditions of carbon fiber composite material.

In the manufacturing process, a series of heat treatment of pre oxidized fiber non-woven fabric is first carried out, then impregnated with phenolic resin, and then heat treated at different temperature. First, the preoxidized nonwoven fabric was heat treated at 600 C and 1000 C under the protection of nitrogen (N2). Next, the preoxidized fiber and the nonwovens treated by heat treatment at 600 and 1000 degrees were impregnated with resin to make prepreg, then put into a vacuum bag and processed on a hot press to make carbon fiber composite precursor.

The required size, such as a sample of about 8cm and wide 1cm, is cut through a slow grinding wheel cutting machine by a hot press and solidified into a carbon fiber composite precursor. After cutting, the sample is heated to 230 C in the flowing air, and the heat preservation 32H is stabilized. The stabilized samples were heated to 600 centigrade under the protection of nitrogen and precarburized. The carbon fiber composite after pre carbonization was heated to 1000 C under the protection of nitrogen. The heat treatment temperature of different composites made of carbon fiber composites is very different.

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