We all know that carbon fiber according to different raw materials, can be divided into polypropylene fiber, viscose and silk fiber asphalt three. Different raw materials and different manufacturing methods. For the manufacturing method of pitch based carbon fiber, there are universal (low performance) isotropic method, mesophase pitch to prepare carbon fiber, pre mesophase method to prepare carbon fiber, and potential mesophase pitch to prepare carbon fiber.

1. Universal isotropic method. Using petroleum pitch and coal tar pitch as raw materials, through distillation, hydrogenation or resin modification, we can remove the low boiling fraction and impurities and adjust the carbon content, then melt spinning, and spin the wire to oxidize and carbonate carbon fiber.

2. Mesophase pitch method. With the addition of quinoline or pyridine in asphalt (1 to 3 times), by heating (80 C 120 C), filtering the refined asphalt, inert gas, (350-450) in the treatment of H (2-60), making it into mesophase pitch, and then in the middle of 50% a 70% phase content (high spinning difficult) asphalt melting spinning, fiber forming speed of 127m/min, diameter of (10 15) μ m (250-390), and then in the OC curing treatment, (1000 to 2000) in the carbonization process under C, can get high performance carbon fiber.

3. Pre mesophase method. The refined asphalt was heated to 530 degrees in salt bath and treated with 5min, and the mesophase pitch was obtained. The content of the asphalt was about 35%. Then it was spinning at 260 C for 15min and carbonized at 1000 C, and the diameter of the carbon fiber was 10&mu m.

4. Potential mesophase pitch method. When asphaltene is heated to (350-500) C, it is heat condensed to form polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. When its molecules are quite large, they will form regular mesophase small spheres along certain orientations, namely liquid crystals, also known as mesophase. High performance carbon fibers can be obtained by the spinning, carbonization and strengthening of mesophase liquid crystal beads.

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