The main production method of carbon fiber prepreg
Carbon fiber prepregs are mainly in two ways: one is to directly heat the resin to reduce its viscosity, easy to spread evenly between the fibers, known as the hot melt method. The other is to dissolve the resin in the solvent to reduce the viscosity, until the resin impregnated fiber and then heating the solvent volatile, known as the solution impregnation method.

Hot melt adhesive process, resin content control is easy, can be omitted drying steps, and no residual solvent, but the resin viscosity is high, impregnated fiber woven fabric is easy to cause fiber deformation. Solvent method has low investment cost and simple process, but the use of solvent is easy to remain in the prepreg, which affects the strength of the final composite material and causes environmental pollution.
At present, carbon fiber prepregs mainly use thermosetting materials: epoxy resin, because the prepreg resin curing state for the B-stage, so the wound prepreg to be stored in low temperature environment, carbon fiber prepreg can be stored at room temperature Time is called the storage cycle, if no low temperature storage conditions, prepreg production must be in the storage cycle can be used to the principle of completion.

Carbon fiber prepreg market prospects
The carbon fiber industry includes not only the production process of polymerization, raw silk and carbon fiber, but also the production and application of downstream carbon fiber prepreg and composite materials.

The main production method and application of carbon fiber prepreg

According to the report quoted by Compounds magazine ReinforcedPlage, by 2019, the global carbon fiber prepreg market will reach $ 4 billion, maintaining rapid growth, compound growth rate of more than 11%. The price of carbon fiber prepregs will rise at a faster rate due to higher production costs and aggregate demand growth. The global number of prepreg suppliers continue to rise, the overall market is full of innovative vitality, product performance with a higher performance.

Carbon fiber prepreg main business
The world’s most famous carbon fiber prepregs are Toray, Hexcel, Cytec, Gurit and TenCate. Occupies the majority of the share of the prepreg market.

Domestic enterprises have Fuxing Eagle Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Hengshen Co., Ltd., Shenyang Zhongheng New Material Co., Ltd., Weihai Guangwei Composite Material Co., Ltd., Sichuan Xinwanxing Composite Material Co., Ltd., Jiaxing Zhongbao Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd. , Jiangsu Oosheng Composite Materials Technology Co., Ltd. and other companies, although with foreign enterprises there is still a big gap, but has achieved some success in various fields, effectively reducing the dependence on imported products.

Future Development Trend of Carbon Fiber Prepreg
With the development of carbon fiber industry, carbon fiber prepreg products in recent years presents a new pre-dip development trend.

Large tow fiber carbon fiber prepreg in the industrial field has become increasingly obvious advantages.

The prepreg of OOA, Out of Autoclave can be vigorously developed to significantly reduce the time and cost of subsequent curing of the prepreg.

Special prepregs for different applications: In the automotive sector, it is required to develop a fast curing prepreg for 5 min in order to meet the rapid prototyping process.

Functionalized prepreg: A nanosized carbon nanotube or chopped carbon fiber is incorporated into the resin to make a prepreg with absorbing properties.

And other materials co-cured prepreg: prepreg can be co-curing with the perfused resin, can be co-molded with SMC curing, can also be a one-way prepreg + fabric prepreg + SMC common mold curing.

Thermoplastic carbon fiber prepreg: no cold storage and transportation, follow-up process is efficient and convenient, the material toughness, impact resistance, especially renewable, in line with energy saving green environmental trends.