France has been the world’s largest chemical gas phase infiltration process plant, with the world’s first production line. The United States has developed high-speed carbon / carbon composite compaction technology, directly depositing carbon matrix on carbon fiber, only 1-3H, and its density can reach 1.85g/cm3. The product is cylindrical or rectangular block, the size is about 1.5cm*10cm*10cm, while the traditional process takes several months.

In the US, three rounds of fine needle piercing technology have been developed. The new technology is characterized by the fact that its knitted fabric is made up of multilayer fiber bundles, and the fiber bundles of each layer are arranged according to certain orientations. The woven fabric produced is more than 1 times higher than the tensile modulus of the general fabric.

Japan’s Osaka Gas Co. Ltd has developed a special process, namely the carbon / carbon bead technology, their mesophase carbon beads as matrix, carbon fiber as reinforcement, the production method is simple and economical use of raw materials, intermediate phase carbon beads is a by-product of the production of fiber asphalt. The asphalt fiber is cut into the required length to be mixed with the carbon bead, molding, without another adhesive. When the molded mixture is sintered at 2000-2800 degrees, graphitization is used to form carbon beads / carbon composites. The mechanical properties are good, the density is small, 1.7-1.9g/cm3, and the bending strength is 80-100MPa.

The latest research results of Germany is to become the matrix of carbon / carbon composites in the shortest time, the specific method is to produce a large number of cracks in the substrate temperature during the cooling process, immersed in 1650 DEG C liquid silicone, liquid filling is let these cracks in silicon generated silicon carbide, can be produced using 6mm thick composite plate this technique.

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