Carbon fiber tube is a carbon fiber composite material is common, it has high strength, light weight, high modulus, wear resistance and other excellent characteristics, can replace the metal pipe used as a structural member or bearing component, this article is about effect of layers of carbon fiber tube on bearing capacity.

The study of the influence of the laying way of carbon fiber pipe on the bearing capacity is mainly concerned with four kinds of laying methods, namely the unified ply angle, symmetric and antisymmetric angle ply layout, 90&deg, lay up layout and regular lay layout.

Under the uniform layer angle, the bearing capacity of carbon fiber tube decreases with the increase of the layer angle. When the fiber direction is along the direction of the tube axis, the bearing capacity of each carbon fiber tube is the greatest. When the direction of the fiber is perpendicular to the axis of the tube, the bearing capacity is the smallest. From 0&deg to 30&deg, the bearing capacity decreased rapidly; from 60&deg to 90&deg, the bearing capacity decreased slowly.

Symmetric and antisymmetric angle ply horizontal displacement of the two layout at the same angle bearing capacity corresponding to the difference, for most of the carbon fiber tube, in the angle of layer 60° to 75° when the horizontal displacement of the bearing capacity against said layer layout angle corresponding to the slightly larger but not obviously, compared with the uniform ply angle, angle in the middle, reduces the ductility of carbon fiber tube.

90° ply, for every kind of carbon fiber pipe, the most 0&deg is not outside; there is a layer of 0&deg, or two layers of 0&deg outside the outer layer; the laying way of the layer, no matter how many layers of 90&deg is applied, the bearing capacity of the layer is lower than that of the unified 0&deg, and the laying time is low. With the increase of the number of layers of 90&deg, the bearing capacity is decreasing.

The carbon fiber tube with regular bearing capacity of layers obtained compared with the normal way of laying against carbon fiber tube has high bearing capacity, it may be because of the symmetric normal laying mode, make more 0° cloth is arranged at the outer edge of the tube, 0° layer of elastic modulus, the interface has high bending stiffness.

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