Technical characteristics of carbon fiber board:

1, high strength and high efficiency

Tensile strength is several times more than ordinary steel, elastic modulus is better than steel, with excellent creep resistance, corrosion resistance and shock resistance.

2, light weight, good flexibility

Carbon fiber than the high strength, the quality of steel is only 1/5, a higher toughness, you can coil, can supply a larger length without lap.

3, construction is convenient, construction quality is easy to guarantee

Material without pre-processing, process convenience, plate allows cross.

4, good durability and corrosion resistance

Acid, alkali, salt and atmospheric corrosion, without regular maintenance.

The development of civil engineering relies on the application and development of new materials with excellent performance. Carbon fiber reinforced composite material is a new type of building material. It is a kind of high strength carbon fiber precursor which is reinforced phase, resin matrix, Continuous extrusion of carbon fiber sheet, due to its excellent mechanical properties, in the structural reinforcement reinforcement project has been widely used.

Compared with traditional materials, carbon fiber board can provide you with 1.2 ~ 4mm five different thickness specifications of carbon fiber board, the design is strong, according to the project needs to adjust the material ratio of fiber and laying the way to make the fiber composite for engineering Materials for on-site construction operations to facilitate; followed by Carbon Fiber Board is the most significant point is that the high specific strength (strength and weight ratio), higher than the strength of carbon fiber board reflects the characteristics of lightweight and high strength.

As we all know, if a building has a phenomenon of concentrated stress, if it is not treated and centralized stress is eliminated, it will bring potential safety hazard to the structure of the building. Similarly, if the structure is reinforced, the selected materials can not be uniformly In the event of concentrated stress resulting in partial destruction of the reinforcement material, not only fails to achieve the purpose of escorting structural safety but also causes unnecessary waste.

So how in the end of carbon fiber structural safety escort it? Carbon fiber structural safety escort there are carbon fiber impregnated plastic, because carbon fiber reinforced structural reinforcement in the project, the need to use epoxy structural adhesive to be reinforced with Components bonded together, so the choice of structural adhesive processing have excellent mechanical properties, but also with the carbon fiber board has good fit, the only way to provide the most effective structural safety protection.

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