Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) is a new material made of carbon fiber and resin, ceramic and plastic materials. It can absorb the advantages of two materials and play a better role. Among them, carbon fiber and resin composites are the most used. Now carbon fiber has been used in many fields, so what are the competitive markets in the future? This article talks about the five major markets of carbon fiber composites in the future.

The field of clean energy vehicles: with the aggravation of environmental pollution and the improvement of people’s environmental awareness, oil is not the first choice of energy for automobiles. Natural gas combustion does not emit sulfur and other pollutants, and produces less carbon dioxide than oil by 26%. There are already natural gas cars in the developed countries such as the United States, Japan and other developed countries, and China is basically not yet.

Civil Engineering: there are three main uses of carbon fiber in the field of Civil Engineering: carbon fiber reinforced concrete, concrete reinforcement, carbon fiber cables and bars, and reinforcement of existing structures. The most used is to reinforce the building with carbon fiber board and cloth.

Oil field exploration: with the increase of resource utilization, oil field exploration will gradually develop to the deep sea. If the materials selected are not well corrosion-resistant, high strength and impact resistance, they will not be able to do this task. Carbon fiber is in line with it.

Wind turbine blades: the use of natural resources, such as solar energy, water energy, and wind energy, will not pollute the environment. Wind turbines need to use large wind turbines, which are made of FRP and carbon fiber.

Sporting goods: previously used sports products made of carbon fiber include tennis racket, golf clubs and fishing rods. Now, skateboards, surfboards and pulleys can also be made of this material and expand their scope of use.

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