When choosing materials, we usually consider many factors such as price and performance. For carbon fiber materials, the price is greater than the consideration of performance, which is very impractical, because its practicability is far greater than the price of the product itself. Here is an analysis.

The specific strength of high strength steel is 0.35&times, 10^4kg/cm^2, aluminum alloy L65 and magnesium alloy are 0.17&times, 10^4kg/cm^2, titanium is 0.21&times, 10^4kg/cm^2, and carbon fiber composite is 0.48&times, 10^4kg/cm^2 is 2.5 times of metal value. So, when the price is measured with the tensile strength, the actual value per kg is much greater. If we consider mainly the modulus of elasticity, the metal is about 0.25&times, 10^6kg/cm^2, while the carbon fiber is 1.0× 10^6kg/cm^2 is equal to 4 times higher than the metal in equal weight. In addition, another notable feature of carbon fiber material is its high fatigue strength. The experimental results show that the average stress is 4200kg/cm^2&plusmn and 1400kg/cm^2 is able to withstand the cycle of 20~30 million times. So if you look at long life and the durability of the product, you will find that it has a greater advantage than the traditional material.

Further consideration should be given to another problem, that is, the processing methods and manufacturing processes needed to make the final parts. Carbon fiber and resin composite can be directly molded into products, this method can be compared to metal inlay or casting, very little waste. According to the different products, it has many kinds of processing methods, such as winding, pultrusion, hand paste and so on.

At present, the price is a factor that hinders the development of carbon fiber, but with the progress of the times, its demand will be more and more big.

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