The three tripod is very helpful to the photographers. When shooting the star track and the dynamic state of the water, it always takes a whole day. If the camera is placed on the three foot frame, it will not shake, and you can take high-definition photos. Now the more popular three scaffold on the market, two kinds of carbon fiber material and aluminum alloy material, what are the differences between the two kinds?

Aluminum is of light weight in all metals, but the strength is relatively weak. After adding other metal materials, the strength and stability are improved. Aluminum alloy three foot frame, light quality, heavy heavy, easy to carry, wear resistance is also good. The price is relatively cheap, and the use is universal.

Carbon fiber is a new material with high carbon content. Its spaceship, F1 racing car and so on are all used. Its weight is very light, its density is only 1.8g/cm^3, and the density of aluminum alloy is almost 2.6g/cm^3. It is more convenient to go out to carry. In strength, the strength of carbon fiber is much higher than that of aluminum alloy, and it is stronger. In terms of shock absorption, using a carbon fiber three foot frame, the camera can soon be quiet and the aluminum alloy shelf will have to wait for a while. In terms of price, it is more expensive than aluminum alloy.

Compared with aluminum alloy three feet and carbon fiber three feet, the carbon fiber material is superior. Nowadays, professional photographers are inclined to use carbon fiber and three tripod, and its market is expanding further. As an excellent material, carbon fiber materials can also be applied to many fields, such as aerospace, automobile manufacturing, sporting goods, jewelry necklace, medical devices, musical instruments, acoustics and so on.

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