Carbon fiber and composite materials is the key material of China’s strategic emerging industry development and national security, is the key to support aerospace, transportation and new energy and other advanced equipment, the implementation of a number of major engineering materials is the bottleneck task of the country, basic and strategic materials is also the national priority development, independent guarantee. At present, the new generation carbon fiber has T700, T800 and T1000, and the maximum tensile strength is 7.02GPa, and the modulus is 296GPa. Now let’s talk about the difference between T700 and T800.

At present, the vast majority of domestic carbon fiber manufacturers use wet spinning to prepare T700 or T800 grade carbon fibers. Unlike traditional wet spinning, dry jet wet spinning has the advantages of high production efficiency, good carbon fiber quality and low production cost. At present, 80% of the world’s carbon fiber is dry jet wet spinning. The international carbon fiber industry leader, such as Japan, Dongli, United States Hearst, are known as the dry jet wet spinning technology. It has been widely used in the field of advanced composite materials, such as aerospace, defense and military industry, which is made by dry jet wet spinning technology.

In the following, we use TORAY carbon fiber T700G, T700S, T800H, T800S to distinguish T700 and T800.

Tensile strength: T700G, T700S are 4900 Mpa, T800H is 5490 Mpa, T800S is 5880 Mpa.

The tensile modulus: T700G and T700S are 240 Gpa and 230 Gpa respectively, while T800H and T800S are 294 Gpa, respectively.

Elongation: T700G, T700S, T800H and T800S were 2%, 2.1%, 1.9% and 2%, respectively.

The density and the density of 1.81g/ cm diameter: T800H 3, slightly higher than the other three density 1.80g/ 3 cm diameter of 5μ T800H; m, lower than the other three of the diameter of 7μ M.

Tow: T700G:12K, 24K, T700S:6K12K24K, T800H:6K12K, T800S:24K.

The sizing agent: T700G, T700S, T800H and T800S are 31E0.5%, 50C1.0%, 40A, 40B1.0%&nbsp, 50B0.7%, 10E0.5%.

Twist: T800H is twisting and twisting, and the other three are all twisting.

The coefficient of thermal expansion: T700S is -0.3810 (-6) / C, and T800H is -0.5610 (-6) / C.

Specific heat capacity: T700S is 0.18Cal/g· centigrade, T800H is 0.18Cal/g· C

Thermal conductivity: T700S 0.0224Cal/ &middot cm; s· C, T800H 0.0839Cal/ &middot cm; s· C.

Resistance: T700S 1.6&times 10 (-3); Ω · T800H cm, 1.4&times 10 (-3); Ω · cm.

Carbon content: T700S is 93%, and T800H is 96%.

The content of sodium and potassium: both T700S and T800H are < 50ppm.

From the performance point of view, the tensile strength and tensile modulus of T800 was significantly higher than that of T700, the density also has a slight advantage, but the T800 carbon fiber because of small fiber diameter, high brittleness, abrasion resistance and other reasons in the twisting when will cause the strength loss to a certain extent, the strength of carbon fiber may reduce T800. From the element composition, the main components of T700 and T800 are carbon, the carbon content of T700S is 93%, the carbon content of T800H is 96%, and the content of sodium and potassium in T700S and T800H is < 50ppm.

What are the main advantages of T800?

High tech field: T800 carbon fiber composite material has low density, high rigidity and high strength, so it has become an advanced space material. The technology problems related to carbon / carbon ablative materials have been deeply studied in China, and their research achievements have been applied in missile launcher, solid rocket motor shell, satellite and spacecraft.

Aircraft and automobile manufacturing: T800 carbon fiber materials are now becoming the most popular materials for automobile manufacturers, and are widely used in the interior and exterior decoration of the car. Carbon fiber as the automotive material, the biggest advantage is light weight and intensity, weight is only 20% to 30% of steel, hardness is 10 times more steel. Therefore, the use of carbon fiber materials in automobile manufacturing can make a breakthrough in the light weight of automobile and bring the social benefit of saving energy. The industry believes that carbon fiber will be used more and more in the future of automobile manufacturing.

Other applications: in railway construction, large top system and sound insulation wall will have good application in the future, which will also be a promising application area of T800 carbon fiber. The pressure vessel is mainly used on the compressed natural gas (CNG) tank of the car and is also used on the fixed respirator (SCBA) of the firefighters. CNG cans are derived from the United States and European countries, and now Japan and other Asian countries have also shown great interest in the application. Other applications of T800 carbon fiber include machine parts, household electrical appliances, computers and the production of composite materials related to semiconductor devices, which can be used for strengthening, antistatic and electromagnetic wave protection. In addition, in the market of X – ray instruments, the application of carbon fiber can reduce the exposure of human body under X – ray.

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