Bicycles, like automobiles and electric cars, are very important vehicles. Although they are slower than the other two kinds of vehicles, they are very light and rely on human driving, which do not pollute the environment, and combine the concept of green travel. Bicycle has also undergone many changes from its invention to the present. Just frame can be made of aluminum alloy, scandium alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, carbon fiber and other materials. How does the carbon fiber frame compare with other types of frames?

Steel frame: steel is used to make bicycle frame for the longest time. The fatigue resistance, strength and toughness of steel are very good, and the cost is not good. The processing is easy, but there is a obvious drawback. The weight is heavy, and riding on a long time is easy to fatigue.

Stainless steel frame: the weight of the stainless steel frame is lighter than that of the steel frame, and the wear resistance and corrosion resistance are very good.

Alloy frame: alloy materials are widely used in our life. Combining many kinds of metals can make up for each other’s defects and protruding advantages. At present, aluminum alloy has been used instead of steel in many aspects. In our life, it is light in weight and strong in plasticity, which can meet the requirements of different consumers for appearance, and the drawback is poor elasticity. The effect of magnesium alloy shock absorption is very good, but the activity is too high, easy to blow open. As for titanium alloy, all the properties are good, but the cost is too expensive.

Carbon fiber frame: carbon fiber frame is emerging now, it is light weight, good toughness, high temperature resistance, high hardness, corrosion resistance, impact resistance is also very good, people ride very comfortable. The shortcoming is the brittleness.

It simply introduces steel frame, stainless steel frame, alloy frame and carbon fiber frame. They have their own advantages and disadvantages. Now there are many products in the market and wide selection. Which one should be based on their own century? Many factors, such as price, performance and so on, should be taken into account.

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