As early as twelfth Century, the embryonic form of tennis was born. After hundreds of years of development, in 1873, the English man Walter improved his tennis game, which was officially born. For many years, the tennis racket has gone through wooden pats, metal cards, glass fiber racket and carbon fiber racket. What’s the difference between the most new carbon fiber racket, compared with the other racket?

The last century before 70s, the tennis racket is all made of wood, it requires high quality of wood, have high strength, uniform quality, also is the peach trees, maple trees the long growth cycle, it is difficult to machining hole, it is harsh, when only a very rich people the conditions of this sport, which is called the noble sport of tennis. Later, iron, aluminum and other metal materials applied to the tennis racket, racket drop prices make most people can put into the sport to the metal material of high strength, good plasticity, but the damping effect is poor, easy to cause the occupation disease, so when the glass steel racket was invented, will gradually be eliminated. The performance of the FRP racket is good and is all the rage, but when the better carbon fiber racket has been invented, it does not show the advantage. Carbon fiber net racket is light weight, high strength, good shock absorption effect and fit for ergonomics.

Look at the contents of the above, I believe you on carbon fiber tennis racket superiority has a certain understanding of it, it can be regarded as a great revolution to the tennis material, not only to provide the athletes sports equipment better, but also to promote the popularization of tennis industry, manufacturing technology is still a racket continuous carbon fiber the update, I believe the future performance will be better and better.

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