Since the advent of UAVs, weight loss has become the focus of common concern in the research of UAVs. We can effectively reduce the weight of the whole machine under the condition of ensuring the safe use of UAV, so that we can reduce energy consumption and enhance the mileage. With the wide application of CFRP on civil airliner and some military fighters, it is also gradually considered as the best choice to realize the lightweight of UAV. Let’s learn about it together.

Compared with other structural materials, the high specific strength and specific stiffness of CFRP can meet the requirements of UAV body strength, which is of great significance for lightweight and miniaturization of UAV structure. With the flying wing UAV are overall aerodynamic shape, with large area integrated molding in structure, can effectively realize the lightweight structure. When facing UAVs in various environments, its excellent corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance capability can ensure that UAVs are not affected by natural water and multiple media corrosion and thermal expansion, thereby prolonging their service life and reducing maintenance costs.

Carbon fiber composite material can also be implanted into the chip to form an intelligent structural whole, even if it is used in bad environment for a long time, it will not damage the performance of the device. Compared with the traditional structural material, carbon fiber UAV should reduce the weight of 25%-30%, which is not only the case, but also the low carbon environmental protection is also the prominent advantage of the carbon fiber UAV.


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