Looking back on the development of PAN based carbon fiber in the past decades, China has made many achievements from scratch, from small to large, and has provided urgently needed new materials for the country, which has initially formed the rudiment of China’s carbon fiber industry. However, compared with the advanced foreign level, the gap is very large. One of the gaps in China’s PAN raw silk has no real pass. The low performance raw silk can not only produce high quality carbon fiber, but also affect the mass production.

In 1970s, the quality of domestic carbon fiber is less than that of the country, but the gap is not very large. In 80s, the gap is getting bigger and bigger. In recent years, the carbon fiber quality of foreign countries has been greatly improved, and has entered the stage of mass production. In 80s, 90s and early twenty-first Century, the quality and mass production technology of raw silk is still being tackled. The reason is that the quality of the domestic PAN raw silk has not really passed, the quality of the raw silk is still a bottle that restricts the development of carbon fiber in China. At the same time, the development of key equipment is ignored, and the equipment can not meet the requirements of the process conditions. The craft dragged the equipment and affected the pace of the whole progress. Until today, the advanced equipment can not come in, but also depend on the efforts of the Chinese.

At present, the conditions for the development of carbon fiber in China are much better than in the past. These conditions are: (1) after a long development process, the core technology and key equipment are much more aware than before. Therefore, the research and development of carbon fiber has made great progress. The carbon fiber demand in the domestic market has reached thousands of years grow with each passing day, the amount of 95% tons, but rely on the import of domestic carbon fiber is imperative; and after the reform and opening up, the national strength increases, the carbon fiber support is greatly improved, the people back to the dielectric strength of enterprises plus, get development funds greatly improved. That is to say, industrialization is not a financial problem, but the maturity and reliability of technology.

With the strong support of the state and the participation of the powerful enterprises, the carbon fiber industry in China has made great progress in recent years. The industrialization of T300 is T700, the development has made substantial progress, T800 began to develop, but T300 carbon fiber can not meet the needs of the domestic market, to develop better performance of T700 and T800H, and thus our “ fifteen ” began during the development of T700, has started to develop T800, stone and also in the development of fiber. The completion of these plans will change the single passive situation of China’s carbon fiber variety, and will form a series of products.

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