Carbon fiber is first applied in the aerospace industry, and then extended to all kinds of civil and industrial products such as sports leisure products, wind power blades and auto parts. It has many advantages, such as high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, friction resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and low thermal expansion coefficient. Compared with FRP and metal materials, it has many advantages. This article describes the characteristics of carbon fiber materials and the specific applications in various fields.

(1) Aeronautics and Astronautics not only require materials with low density, high specific strength and specific stiffness, but also are able to withstand intense temperature changes in the space space. Carbon fiber is an ideal structural material and thermal protection material, all of which can satisfy the above requirements. The main structure, antenna, solar panel and shuttle parts of carbon fiber material can be used for making satellites.

(2) in the field of transportation, carbon fiber can be applied to various parts of automobile and high-speed rail which do not directly bear high temperature, such as transmission shaft, bracket, chassis, bumper, spring sheet and car body. It is of great significance to reduce vehicle weight, save fuel, reduce vibration and noise.

(3) in the field of sports and stationery, carbon fiber is applied to fishing rods and golf clubs. It has been widely applied in tennis racket, badminton racket, table tennis racket, snowboard, baseball bat, boat, musical instrument and audio equipment in recent years.

(4) in the field of machinery, carbon fiber can be used to manufacture mechanical arms, mechanical arms, mechanical shields and other mechanical components. Its seismic performance is good, which is conducive to smooth mechanical work, efficiency and long service life.

In addition, carbon fiber can also be used to manufacture various products such as medical boards, wallets, wallet, chairs, boxes and so on. Its design is strong, and new products are coming out continuously, which is welcomed by people from all walks of life. The 21 world is the time of carbon fiber. As a new material, its performance and use are still developing, and the market is wide.

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