Do you believe a truck with a weight of 482 grams can bear 5 tons of heavy trucks? Have you experienced the lightness of carbon fiber badminton racket? Can you imagine an impregnable carbon fiber bicycle with a weight of less than 5 kilos? In fact, these high-performance composite products are changing our lives.

High performance composite materials are mainly composed of carbon fiber reinforced resin matrix composites. Carbon fiber is a new material with excellent mechanical properties. Its density is only 1/4 of steel and 1/2 of aluminum alloy, but its strength is 4 times higher than steel and 6~7 times higher than aluminum. When the weight of the spacecraft is reduced by 1 kilograms, the vehicle can reduce the launch vehicle by 500 kilograms. Therefore, the high performance carbon fiber composites have an important position in the high-tech fields such as aerospace and aeronautics.

Moreover, carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites are more and more applied to the sports industry because of their high specific strength and modulus. Most of the traditional sporting goods are made of wood and its composite products. However, the mechanical properties of carbon fiber reinforced composites are much higher than that of wood, and their specific strength and specific modulus are 4 times and 3 times of that of Chinese fir, and 3.4 times and 4.4 times that of Chinese parasol wood. Therefore, it has been widely used in sports products, and its consumption accounts for almost 40% of the world’s total carbon fiber consumption.

In terms of stationery and sports goods, carbon fiber reinforced composites are mainly used in the following aspects:

1. Golf clubs

The golf club made of carbon fiber composite material can reduce the weight by about 10 to 40%. According to the law of conservation of momentum, the ball can get a higher initial velocity. On the other hand, CFRP has high damping property, which can prolong the batting time and further hit the ball.

carbon fiber products
2. Fishing rod

A fishing rod made of carbon fiber reinforced composites is much lighter than GFRP or bamboo, making it less energy consuming and a distance of about 20% far away from the rod. The fishing rod made of carbon fiber composite material is long and rigid, and the fishing rod can recover quickly after bending, making it more sensitive to transmit bait. Now there are goods sold, carbon fiber reinforced plastic can also be made into a fishing gear of uranium, the weight of no more than 140 grams, but its high fatigue strength, friction resistance, and thus long service life.

3. Tennis racket

The tennis racket made of composite material is light and hard, big rigidity, small strain, and can reduce the deviation degree of contact between ball and racket. At the same time, the damping of carbon fiber composite material is good, it can extend the contact time between the ball and the ball, so that the tennis ball can get greater acceleration. For example, the contact time of the wooden racket is 4.33 milliseconds, the steel product is 4.09 milliseconds, the carbon fiber composite material is 4.66 milliseconds, and the initial velocity of the corresponding ball is 149.6 km / h, 138 km / h and 157.4 km / h respectively. The tennis racket has been sold in the market.

4, badminton racket

The feather racket made of carbon fiber reinforced composites is characterized by light weight, large rigidity and avoiding the breaking of wood products due to its lack of rigidity, and it has the same advantages as the tennis racket mentioned above.

carbon fiber products

5. Car racing

A tube made of graphite fiber filament can be used to make a frame that is less than a car or a universal bicycle. It is characterized by a light weight, 50% weight reduction over a steel frame, and a 15% reduction in the total weight of a bicycle.

6. Skis

The skis made of carbon fiber reinforced composites are characterized by high rigidity, friction resistance, and less exertion in the corners, slopes and cross-country races. Ski poles made by CFRF are also famous in sports circles. Its characteristics are large rigidity and light weight, usually about 150 grams.

7, other uses

In addition to the above purposes, carbon fiber reinforced composites can also produce spring boards, bow, arrows, skip rods, yachts, yachts, yachts, yachts, yacht mast, motorcycle parts, mountaineering supplies, gliders, human aircraft and so on.