The helmet can be traced back to the ancient times. Later, with the metallurgical technology and the development of the war, and invented a metal helmet. Nowadays, it is an environmental and healthy society, and more and more people have chosen carbon fiber helmets.

What is the meaning of the helmet in our sense? What kind of helmet we need. Security? Comfortable? Or cool? It seems that more car friends are limited to the helmets, which are limited to the entanglement of the traffic police. To abandon the prejudice of the world on motorcyclist, a safe and standard helmet is probably a good way besides polite driving.

The carbon fiber helmet has the advantages of strong impact resistance, friction resistance, high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, small deformation, long service life and light weight. It can protect the head better.

Carbon fiber helmet is divided into the following categories: electric car racing helmet, motorcycle helmet, helmet, bicycle helmet, military bulletproof helmet, fire helmet, sports helmet, since the intense exercise a variety of convenient transportation and fashion and the splendid sports event after safety often in the first place.

This product has excellent fire protection performance, carbon fiber is more than 1300 degrees in high temperature and made, so this product has a strong protective ability to the flame under ordinary conditions.

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