In recent years, the development of rail transportation is very fast, especially the emergence of high-speed rail, like the G prefix train speed can reach 300km/h, D prefix train speeds up to 250km/h. At the same time, low carbon environmental protection with the development of the industry is in urgent need, the traditional materials have been unable to see significant results, and new materials with carbon fiber the outstanding performance of its many aspects are widely concerned, this paper mainly about carbon fiber used in rail merits.

The design is strong. If there are some problems that need improvement in the use of structural parts, we can achieve the best through reasonable design of materials, and make up for some shortcomings in use. Carbon fiber material has the characteristics of energy absorption and aseismic. It not only effectively prevents the influence of stray current, but also ensures the stationarity of the driving process. In addition, carbon fiber also has the effect of sound absorption, and reduces the influence of noise.

Because carbon fiber is a non-metallic material, it can solve some corrosion problems very well, which not only prolongs the service life of the structure, but basically does not need measures such as corrosion protection and rust prevention, and also reduces unnecessary repairs. Carbon fiber materials have excellent fire resistance and reduce the accident of fire in rail transit. Carbon fiber composites have low sensitivity to extended cracks. Even if they are damaged, they are not damaged immediately and have higher safety. With the increasing demand for lightweight, weight loss is also imminent. Carbon fiber is a material with a very low density. Its density is even smaller than that of aluminum, and it is less than 1/4 of steel and its strength is also several times that of steel.

Now carbon fiber is still less used in rail traffic, but with the development of society, carbon fiber will certainly be in the application of rail traffic.

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