Everyone has the heart of beauty, look good, not only can increase self-confidence, is a kind of respect for others. People, especially girls, enjoy decorating themselves with ornaments. There are many types of jewelry, including rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, anklets, making every kind of material also cheaper, plastic, alloy, gold, silver, precious stones etc.. Carbon fiber material is not only good in practical performance, but also in beautiful shape. Below is a talk about the application of carbon fiber in jewelry.

In general, carbon fiber ornaments are not made entirely of carbon fibers, but a part of carbon fiber materials. The most common carbon fiber ring on the market. Its main body is made of synthetic steel, which is attached to a ring of carbon fiber in the middle of the ring. Carbon fiber is firmly bonded to the ring with the help of epoxy resin adhesive. After curing and polishing, a fashionable and elegant carbon fiber ring is completed. Carbon fiber is black, the color of all-match, whether you prefer fashion or sports are suitable to wear. Some young people like bright colors to highlight their personality. In addition to black, carbon fiber has a variety of colors, such as blue, yellow, red, and so on.

The price of carbon fiber ring is around 100 yuan, while the price of carbon fiber necklace and carbon fiber bracelet is also hundreds of dollars. In other words, the price of silver fiber is almost the same as that of silver, and it is not expensive to accept. In my opinion, carbon fiber ornaments are more suitable for men than women. Silver, gold, gem and so on are more delicate, highlight the feminine beauty, and carbon fiber can show the male handsome, the gentleman side.

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