We all know that the use of carbon fiber is very wide, can be used in medical equipment aerospace, military security, sporting goods and so on, who knows, it used in music equipment and instruments are widely applied in detail below, it contains these two aspects.

The speaker, pickup in sound equipment of the cantilever, acoustics, sensor, magnetic head set and rotary table can be made of carbon fiber. Among them, the top loudspeakers of carbon fiber paper trumpets and superfine carbon fiber cloth are the most used. Carbon fibers do not rust and have long life.

In musical instruments, the violin and electric guitar made of carbon fiber composites have the characteristics of stable size, no distortion and long service life. Some experiments have been done to compare the vibration plate constants of various materials. The result is that the internal loss of the carbon fiber composite vibration plate is equal to that of the carton, but the modulus is 2 times higher than that of the carton, compared with the olefin resin products, it is 5 times higher than that of the olefin resin product, and the high frequency distortion rate is only 10dB. The instrument is usually made by Rhodes M soundboard or walnut and other high-quality timber, some of them used to manufacture advanced Aluminum Alloy. Wood products and effect of interval and timbre with the environment and temperature change, metal sound is not too long and more mellow, lingering murmur. Carbon fiber for castanets instrument sounds beautiful, especially without distortion in the high range, can be produced in large quantities.

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