Functional paper usually has two kinds, one is using special technology for special processing of paper or the function of chemicals, or both; two kinds of special fiber, play a special function of special fiber, such as Kevlar fiber, carbon fiber, ceramic fiber, glass fiber and so on, then the application of carbon fiber in the paper what? The application of carbon fiber functional paper is introduced to you today.

1. Preparation of conductive and heating materials

We all know that carbon fiber has better electric conductivity and better conductive carbon fiber with high performance, is the use of this point, we can make use of carbon fibre in conductive paper, used to manufacture gas diffusion electrode gas diffusion layer, which is a component of high performance fuel cell. The carbon fiber paper gas diffusion layer, which is produced by TOAY company and SQL company in Germany, is widely used. The carbon fiber heating paper developed in Japan, according to the design requirements, with good control of fiber orientation, the carbon fiber paper network circuit in the vertical and horizontal order, forming a ring linked to the current channel, have a fever effect. In addition to the use of carbon fiber heating paper developed far infrared heat of human body health care is expected as a function of new products and industrial heating container insulation, agricultural greenhouses and so on.

2, preparation of electronic shielding materials

Carbon fiber has a certain shielding electromagnetic wave property. After coating with metal nickel, carbon fiber can enhance its shielding performance, and has good anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties. It is currently used as shielding filler and shielding mat. At present, Japan and Britain have corresponding products have been developed, according to Wuxi via the new Mstar Technology Ltd (RSN) learned that Britain has developed a high shielding wallpaper, can make high sensitive electronic equipment from electromagnetic wave interference of high frequency noise, preventing the electronic investigation activities, the shielding effect of comparable steel wall. As a result, carbon fiber shielded paper will be widely used in various precision instruments, major conferences, military workers and other information confidentiality.

3, preparation of materials with high sound speed and high specific modulus

Stereo speaker cone is a key element of the electro acoustic conversion, largely determines the quality of timbre, the use of carbon fiber paper can reach its low density, high modulus, high resonance frequency, internal consumption requirements, the carbon fiber paper can also avoid the distortion of sound, the frequency range to expand at the same time, carbon the fiber can also improve the rigidity of the cone.

4. The application of carbon fiber in other functional paper

Carbon fiber is resistant to strong acid and alkali corrosion. The corrosion resistance of carbon fiber paper is also excellent. It can be used as shielding sleeve for shielding pump rotor and stator, so that shielding pump can transport strong acid, strong alkali and valuable or toxic liquid. In addition, the use of carbon fiber can also produce advanced cable protection paper, fireproof paper and so on.

As a kind of special material of carbon fiber, the aircraft missile body parts manufacturing, sports equipment manufacturing, can also use carbon fiber manufacturing a good biocompatibility Chinese implant materials, such as artificial bone, joint, enhancement of building performance in construction engineering.

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