Carbon fiber is not an insulating material, and has the characteristics of electrical conductivity. It can be used in electrical products by using it. For example, the electrode plate of the electric vacuum device, the electrode of the battery, the gate of the electronic tube, etc. Carbon fibers can also be used as electromagnetic shielding materials that can be used in military aircraft to avoid radar tracking.

A small amount of carbon fiber is used in resin, rubber, synthetic fiber and paper, and the antistatic material can be obtained. The resistance is in 10^2~10^5Ω · m. When more carbon fiber is added, the conductive material can be obtained. The minimum resistance can reach 0.1Ω · m. As we all know, static electricity is produced when two objects are rubbed with each other. Static electricity is particularly dangerous in factories, which may cause fires or explosions. If the product parts made of carbon fiber composites are used, static electricity can be isolated. Carbon fiber also has many advantages such as high temperature resistance, high strength and light weight. It can withstand the high temperature and high voltage impact produced by electronic products and has long service life. It will not be a problem for decades.

There are many kinds of carbon fiber, which can be classified according to different raw materials, different mechanical properties, different use range and different production methods. In addition to the electrical industry described in this article, automobile aircraft manufacturing, sporting goods, medical instruments, musical instruments and other fields are also involved.

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