Carbon fibers are widely used in some building projects, such as buildings, bridges, and tunnels. It can be used instead of reinforcing bar and prestressed steel strand and so on. It can be used for columns, beams, pipes and so on. It can also directly infiltrate concrete to increase the strength of building materials. This article is mainly to tell you about the application of carbon fiber in the construction project.

Alternate twentieth Century 80~90 in the 1970s, Japan Kobe, Losangeles after the earthquake, engineering science and technology researchers found that in the building of the repair and reinforcement of carbon fiber composite material can fully exert its advantage, achieve incomparable effect. It has high strength, high stiffness, high structure efficiency, lightest quality, and small weight gain of repair and reinforcement. Carbon fiber repair, the implementation is also very convenient, easy to operate in the field, efficiency is higher than the traditional steel reinforcement. Its anticorrosive property is also excellent, and its adaptability to the environment is strong. In those coastal areas, it is easy to be corroded by salt. Carbon fiber can extend the service life of buildings. In addition, it has a wide range of use, and all kinds of buildings, even famous historic sites, can be used to repair it.

The use of carbon fiber to repair buildings can reduce costs. It takes only 80% of the traditional repair costs, simple steps, and very high efficiency. The main operation steps of carbon fiber sheet reinforcement are: bottom treatment, removing inferior layer, coating the bottom resin, leveling the construction surface, sticking carbon fiber sheet, table and decoration. The technology has great economic benefits. The United States has decided to reinforce all the bridges to be repaired by the domestic expressway. Carbon fiber reinforced concrete is also widely used in China.

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