Carbon fiber composites, which first appeared in the United States in 1940s, were widely used in industry. At present, carbon fiber reinforced epoxy resin composites are widely applied in the market, and can be seen in many fields. Today, taking radiation medical CFRP as an example, we will talk about the advantages of its application in medical devices.

For medical plates, the first problem to be solved is the bearing problem. The carbon fiber composite material has a specific stiffness of 140MPa/, and the tensile strength is also 3500MPa. It can withstand the weight of the diagnosis and treatment, and ensure the safety of the diagnosis and treatment. Carbon fiber is also a feature that is not rusty and can be used for a long time.

Carbon fiber composites, unlike other metal materials, are highly designed, flexible and easy to process. And if they are laid according to the load conditions and the shape of structural components, carbon fiber composites will be most effective.

High quality medical carbon fiber boards have great help in X – ray transmission. It makes imaging clearer and makes it easier for doctors to make accurate judgments based on images. Carbon fiber composite material is also able to prevent static electricity, so as to avoid interference in the inspection process, and reduce the deviation in refraction and projection rays, reducing the harm caused by X rays to patients.

When the doctor diagnosis and treatment process, some do not pay attention there may be drugs, alcohol, blood dripping onto the panel, but these will not cause corrosion on the panel.

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