Application of carbon fiber composites in the process, inevitably interact with the environment and change the performance of the performance, in addition to change degree of difference depends on the material composition and process, but also related to the different environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, and other chemical media) has important relationship with the aging time, the carbon fiber composite material aging performance how?

An increase in temperature will cause the carbon fiber composite material internal components of the softening, decomposition, and burning and a series of changes, its mechanical properties will change, both at home and abroad on the mechanical properties of carbon fiber composite material under temperature cycling and aging effect are studied, a glass transition temperature of epoxy resin for 130~140 C so, in the earth’s climate conditions, little change in performance, but in an accelerated need to consider the influence of temperature change on the performance of the experimental evaluation.

Carbon fiber composite materials in corrosive acid, alkali, salt and organic solvents and other chemical media under its performance will decline, the surface and interface is relatively weak position, easy to react with the chemical medium, usually chemical medium along the surface interface within the direction of penetration and diffusion, corrosion product precipitation and loss the morphology and surface composite change. Because of the high heat resistance and chemical stability of carbon fiber, it is very important to improve the corrosion resistance of the matrix in the aspects of corrosion and protection of composite materials.

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