Hou Yi made the story should be notorious. As a long-range weapon, bow and arrow are very dangerous weapons in the era of cold weapons, but they are invisible. The bow and arrow are different. The archer can put the target in a long distance. Now people do not use the bow and arrow as a weapon, but think of it as a process of inheritance. Twenty-first Century is the time of carbon, carbon fiber is a very good material, can be used to make a lot of things, including bows and arrows. Here are the advantages of carbon fiber arrows.

1, it is not easy to deform. The length of the bow and arrow will be deformed for a long time, but the use of a better quality is longer. Carbon fiber has good elasticity, strong toughness, especially good fatigue resistance. It can be used for a long time without deformation and prolongs the service life.

2, the pull is small. As we all know, it is the best to pull a bow and arrow into a full moon, but the bigger the arc, the harder it is to use it. The weight of carbon fiber is very light, and it does not require a lot of power to pull the bow.

3. The range is far away. With the same force, the carbon fiber bow and arrow is far longer than the average bow.

4. The operation is simple. The use of carbon fiber bow and arrow, not satisfied with the details of it can also be debugged, transferred to the hand position.

Carbon fiber bow and arrow are also divided into several kinds, some are made of pure carbon fiber, the price is more expensive, the market is less. Some are made of carbon fiber, which is made of resin. This kind of price is cheaper, the performance is good, and the market is much more. In addition to carbon fiber, there are many bows made of glass fiber in the market. The combination of the latest technology and traditional skills will be unforeseen.

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