Chinese high-speed railway operating mileage has exceeded twenty thousand km, the high-speed rail network has been basically formed, great convenience for people to travel, but with the development of economy, energy saving and environmental protection, train the comfortable and convenient rail transportation has become the future direction of development, and the excellent performance of carbon fiber composite materials more attention, this article mainly to introduce the application of carbon fiber material on the advantages of rail transportation.

Light is a key index to reduce the train operation energy consumption, carbon fiber composite material is a lightweight design material of the body, the train weight of on-board equipment space is limited, so realize the light reflected in the body and interior parts of the weight, the density of carbon fiber composite material is only 1.7g/cm3, and also can adopt advanced integrated, effective reduce weight. In addition, carbon fiber composites have strong mechanical properties, and the strength and modulus of carbon fiber are better than most of the structural materials. One of the most prominent features is that carbon fiber materials have a very strong design freedom, and can play the greatest advantage as possible according to the reasonable design. Carbon fiber composite materials have high fire protection level, and can effectively avoid accidents such as rail traffic fire. Carbon fiber composites have higher vibration damping, and have good noise reduction effect and can reduce environmental noise.

Since carbon fiber is used in rail transportation with so many advantages, it should be widely used, but there are also some difficulties. The price of carbon fiber material is high, and its cost will increase. Data show that the cost of carbon fiber car body is about 2.5 times the cost of aluminum alloy, not only the cost of raw materials is high, but also its manufacturing cost is high. Rail vehicle is a large car body, and it has high technical requirements for the development of large car body, and there are also some composite designers of integral molding technology. At present, the application of carbon fiber to rail transportation is mainly the parts of some car body interior and bearing components, but it develops slowly to the body, frame and other structural parts.

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