The winding molding is to twist the fiber bundle (usually with a resin) on a rotating core. Many changes have been developed in this process, including on-line infiltration, prepreg winding, and thermoplastic winding (under appropriate heating). When the fiber is wrapped around the burning due to tension, so the fiber can only take the shortest path (without surface curvature). This restricts the orientation of the fiber, for example, the fiber always slips when a taper ring is twined, because the curvature of the shortest line is not zero at this time.

Characteristics of filament winding

(1) because the fiber is wrapped with tension, the fiber content in the product is high, up to up to 80%. Its specific strength is higher than that of the chin alloy.

(2) by changing the direction of fiber, the products with the same and different strength can be made to ensure the stability of the quality of the products.

(3) the products with smooth surface and good quality can be made.

(4) this method has high production efficiency and is suitable for mass production. Its disadvantage is that the strength of the product is more obvious, the interlayer shear strength is low, and the performance of the processing equipment is higher.

Although the winding molding is very suitable for the cyclotron symmetry, it can also make many parts with complex shapes, including the I-beam, the shell, the wing and so on. However, this requires a lot of technological steps. Moreover, when the conical parts are wound, the thickness is uneven. Removing the core is another problem, which leads to many creative solutions. It includes crumb die, soluble mold and detachable mold. The parts are usually curing in the oven in high void (generally 3%, while the manual placement process of porosity is less than 1%) and poor surface finish, using heat shrink wrapping or compression methods during the curing process can solve this problem to some extent, wound type for the manufacture of a large number of rocket engine hood pipe, pressure vessel or similar products, and the manufacturing technology is one of the highest efficiency in production of advanced composite materials (50kg/h).

In addition, in the defense industry, it can be used in the manufacture of missile shell, rocket engine shell, gun barrel and so on. Most of these products are reinforced with high performance fiber, and the resin matrix is mostly epoxy resin. However, the cheap alkali free glass roving is used in the civil industry, the unsaturated polyester vinegar is used as the base resin instead of the epoxy resin, and the winding equipment is simplified to facilitate high speed production. Especially in the field of domestic anticorrosion, we mainly use this forming method to produce products such as pipes, containers, tanks, etc., which can be used in oil fields, refineries and chemical plants, instead of stainless steel. It has the advantages of corrosion resistance, portability, durability and convenient maintenance.

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