Carbon fiber is a new type of high strength and high rigidity material, polypropylene fiber, fiber asphalt or viscose fiber under high temperature oxidation, carbonization, light weight, high intensity, is generally not used alone, but (most commonly used) and resin, ceramic and metal made of composite materials using. The properties of carbon fiber and carbon fiber composites are different. This article compares their tensile strength and other properties.

First look at the carbon fiber material, high strength carbon fiber density 1.78g/cm^3, tensile strength 280kg/mm^2, tensile strength and elastic modulus ratio of 160, 22, 12.4 than the elastic modulus; high modulus carbon fiber density 1.95g/cm^3, tensile strength 200kg/mm^2, tensile strength and elastic modulus ratio of 102, 37, 19 than the elastic modulus. Again, it seems that the epoxy resin based carbon fiber composite with 60% fiber content has a density of 1.54g/cm^3, a tensile strength of 140kg/mm^2, a tensile strength of 91, a modulus of elasticity of 13, and a modulus of elasticity of 8.44.

We usually say carbon fiber products, in fact, are carbon fiber composite products, its performance needs to refer to the latter. Carbon fiber composite materials are widely used in many areas of the automotive field, can be used in the manufacture of interiorexterior, engine cover, rearview mirror shell, battery box and so on; the field of medical devices, can be made of CT board, head; the mechanical field, can be made of mechanical parts, mechanical hand, guide roller etc..

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