Reporters recently learned from China Building Materials Group. At present, the T800 class carbon fiber developed by China Building Materials Group has realized the production of thousand tons. The T1000 grade carbon fiber has been successfully tested on the 100 tons line, and the next step is to achieve the production of thousand tons.

Chinese building materials group party secretary, chairman Song Zhiping introduction, carbon fiber is a new fiber materials with high carbon content in more than 90% of the high strength / modulus, is the key strategic materials of national security, weapons and equipment to the long-term foreign technology blockade and monopoly of products of sensitive materials, at the same time both soft textile fibers machinability is a new generation of fiber.

In the past more than 10 years, China Building Materials Group has introduced the development of carbon fiber into the strategic plan of group breeding new materials, and continues to provide support from capital, technology, management and talents, so as to achieve scale and industrialization successfully.