Carbon fiber is used as structural material or functional material because of its special super high performance. In order to give full play to the performance of carbon fiber, the surface treatment of carbon fiber is particularly critical. Different treatment methods have different effects on the surface structure and properties of carbon fiber. In view of the different requirements of carbon fiber, different surface treatment processes should be adopted. Below we give you a brief introduction to the surface treatment of carbon fiber materials and its advantages.

1. Ozonalization. This process is the most widely used, because the process is relatively simple, the equipment cost is also relatively low, the treatment time is short, but the treatment effect is remarkable. It is a good method for continuous surface treatment of carbon fiber. The advantage is that the oxidation reaction is fast and the treatment time is short, which can match with the carbon fiber production line. The oxidation is moderated, the reaction is uniform, and the control is easy to control, so that the interlaminar shear strength is greatly improved. This process is suitable for low cost civil carbon fiber production.

2, anodic electrolytic oxidation method. It’s also called electrochemical oxidation. The method is to use carbon fiber as anode. Electrolytes can only use inorganic or organic acids and salts, alkali and electrolyte types. The oxidation process is different, and the effect of carbon fiber surface treatment is different. It is worth reminding you that the surface treatment of carbon fiber electrolysis can also be used in a mixed method. The acid electrolyte was first used, and the alkaline electrolyte was used second times.

3. Plasma oxidation. The use of low temperature plasma or microwave plasma to surface treatment of carbon fiber is also an important process. The characteristics of the process are gas solid reaction without pollution. The treatment time and effect are good. However, the plasma generation needs vacuum environment, so the equipment is complex. This method is still in research and improvement stage, but the effect is satisfactory.

In addition to the above three kinds of carbon fiber surface treatment processes, there are various ways of gas phase oxidation, electrolytic oxidation, liquid phase oxidation, electropolymerization, vapor deposition and surface coating.

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