Method of making carbon fiber tube is usually in the winding, the process is not complicated, the carbon fiber in the resin, and then wound on the core mold, high temperature curing, stripping and other steps to get products, general winding can be subdivided into dry winding , semi drywinding, wet winding.

Dry winding

Dry is predipping treated carbon fiber yarn or cloth on a winding machine heating and softening, until the viscous flow after winding mandrel, dry winding is the biggest advantages of high efficiency, can realize mass production in a short period of time, and in the production process of machine cleaning, no pollution, but also can control of rubber content. But in general the dry process of carbon fiber tube not only need equipment, manufacturing equipment, the prepreg resin and greater investment, liquidity is poor, so the product will have some defects.

Wet winding

Wet winding is wet after carbon fiber prepreg glue directly wound on the core mold, wet winding with low cost, compared to the dry winding, reduced by 40%, the product quality is good, and the molding, fiber tension so that the resin liquid bubble extrusion, fill the gap, good air tightness of. However, the use of wet winding will waste a certain amount of resin, the product is not easy to control the amount of glue.

Semi dry

winding semi drying method is to remove the solvent when the carbon fiber prepreg is wrapped to the core mold. Semi dry winding eliminates the process and equipment of prepreg, and also reduces the content of bubbles in the products.