Prepreg is used to impregnate continuous fiber or fabric with a resin matrix under strict control, and is an intermediate material for the manufacture of composite materials. Carbon fiber prepreg is a composite made of carbon fiber, epoxy resin and other materials, such as coating, hot pressing and coiling. Let’s get to know the production process of carbon fiber prepreg.

There are two kinds of process for carbon fiber prepreg, that is, solution method and hot melt method. The solution method is to dissolve the resin in a low boiling point solvent, then impregnate the resin solution with the fiber bundle, control the content of the resin, and then dry the solvent to evaporate and finally collect it. The hot melt method is to impregnate the qualified resin film and the corresponding fiber under certain pressure and temperature by hot pressing. This method can produce prepreg with the specified weight, so this method is applied in practice.

In the production process, special attention should be paid to two small steps, soaking, drying and cutting. To soak the gauze fully and evenly, the concentration, viscosity, time and tension of the liquid must be controlled. The concentration of the liquid affects the permeability of the solution to the resin, and the viscosity of the liquid not only affects the permeability, but also affects the thickness of the cloth. The purpose of drying is to make the excess substances generated after the dipping finish evaporate. In this process, we must control the time and temperature, otherwise there will be some defects. The cutting is to reduce the quality of the material which is not in line with the standard. Good carbon fiber prepreg can produce high quality carbon fiber products.


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