Carbon fiber tube, also known as carbon fiber tube, is made of carbon fiber composite material immersed in the resin after heating and winding. Carbon fiber tube is widely used in many kinds of structural parts because of its characteristics, such as light quality, high strength, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and so on. So the molding of carbon fiber tube may not be understood by a large number of people. This article introduces the winding process of carbon fiber tube.
The production process of carbon fiber tube winding is an important and the most commonly used molding process, the process is the carbon fiber prepreg according to a certain rule wound on the core mold, and then cured for a period of time in high temperature molding, core can be obtained compared to other carbon fiber tube forming process, the product quality is stable the out of production, and the production cost is low. There are three types of winding lines: circumferential winding, longitudinal plane winding, spiral winding.
The circumferential winding is that the core die rotates at a constant speed around its axis while winding, and the winding angle of the ring is usually between 85-90° The longitudinal plane winding means that the winding head is moving at a constant speed in a fixed plane, and the core mold moves slowly around its axis. Spiral winding is that the core die rotates around the axis at a uniform speed, and moves around the wire around the axis of the core to do the intermittent reciprocating motion.
So what are the content of the winding design? First of all, we do the structure modeling, the core mold design and the winding linearity according to the use of the product and the performance requirements. According to the requirements of the strength of the pipe, the properties of the raw materials and the number of winding layers should be taken into consideration. The general process procedure of pipe forming is to prepare the raw material first, and then clean up all kinds of foreign objects on the surface of the core, winding, curing, stripping and connecting. After that, it is necessary to wear and spray paint on the pipe.

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