Carbon fiber board is composed of new material of carbon fiber and matrix resin (usually epoxy resin) composites, tensile strength and elastic modulus than steel, high strength, light weight, good thermal stability, earthquake resistance, since mid twentieth Century has been in the field of aerospace, chemical and machinery has been widely used. So what’s the specific performance of carbon fiber boards in a bad environment? To this end, the company has done a number of lists of durability research.

The carbon fiber sheet used in this experiment is made from Dongli imported raw silk and SWANCOR2208 epoxy resin. After testing, the tensile strength of the sheet is 2670MPa, the elastic modulus is 164.42GPa, and the elongation at break is 1.62%.

Hot and Humid Aging Experiment: the temperature is set to 50 C, the humidity is kept at 98%RH, and 7d, 15d, 30d, 60d are aged respectively. After 7d, the tensile strength was 97.6%, the elastic modulus was 90.4%, elongation was 108%; after 15d, the tensile strength was 95.4%, the elastic modulus was 85.6%, elongation was 111.4%; after 30d, the tensile strength was 94.8%, the elastic modulus was 84.2% and the elongation was 112.6%; after 60d, the tensile strength was 94.2%, the elastic modulus was 81.7%, elongation was 115.3%.

The freeze-thaw cycle experiment: the artificial sea water was prepared, and the carbon fiber board was put into it for 25, 60, 75 and 100 freezing thawing experiments respectively. After 25, the tensile strength was 97.46%, the elastic modulus was 101.2%, elongation was 96.3%; after 60, the tensile strength was 94.3%, the elastic modulus was 102.4%, elongation was 92.14%; after 75, the tensile strength of the original 93.5%, elastic modulus for the original 101.3%, the elongation at break was 92.2%; after 100 times, the tensile strength was 91.7%, the elastic modulus was 100.2%, elongation was 91%.

Salt spray corrosion test: the temperature at 35 DEG C, the concentration of carbon fiber plate into NaCl solution for 50g/L, pH value of the environment of 6.5~7.2, 7d, 15d, 30d respectively, 60d aging. After 7d, the tensile strength was 96.8%, the elastic modulus was 94.6%, elongation was 102.2%; after 15d, the tensile strength was 93.7%, the elastic modulus was 92.1%, elongation was 101.7%; after 30d, the tensile strength of the original 94%, the elastic modulus of the original 92%, the elongation at break was 102.1%; after 60d, the tensile strength was 89.7%, the elastic modulus was 87.2%, elongation was 102.8%.

From the above, it can be seen that the bad environment has a great influence on CFRP. Although carbon fiber can withstand thousands of degrees of high temperature, and corrosion resistance, high strength, but resin can not meet this high demand. If we want to expand the scope of carbon fiber sheet, we should start with resin.

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